You Think You Have Money? Think again!

“FACT: There are individual people in the world who have a billion dollars. Think about it, a billion dollars!? If you have worked hard for 50 hours a week, in your entire life you will never make 1% of that! Or even .1% of that!! Or even .01% of that!!! Assuming you started working at 20 and retired at 70 at 50k a year you would have to work 400 lifetimes to be a billionaire. Which means as a billionaire it would take you 400 lifetimes to spend all your money if you spent it like an average person. OPINION: As long as there is poverty there should not be people with a billion dollars.” –James Cahours


Credits: ORIGINAL: By Politizane. You can see all the sources for his data in the description below the video (click “show more”). Submitted by Working America.