accurate newsCPC News Today an online news site that has grown out of a passion for the arts, fashion, events, celebrities and entertainment news. CPC News Today is a leading multimedia news, information, advertising and entertainment source for the Los Angeles County and cities within. It is owned by CPC Productions, a California registered company (# 2013174469) providing photojournalism in conjunction with it’s partners and news providers.

The founder of CPC News Today is a professional celebrity photographer, and is a well known face around Hollywood premiers, events, celebrities and the fashion industry. He holds several positions outside of the media industry among them a seasoned realtor and investor with Prudential California Realty, a degree in Computer Technology and studied Business Administration at Cal-State Los Angeles.

CPC News Today has moved up to be regularly invited to “A list” events, ALMA Awards, EMA Awards, The Oscars 23rd Annual Night of 100 Stars, Hollywood Christmas Parade, Premiers and much more. CPC News Today has gained a meticulous reputation with event planners, producers, the press, celebrities and the media industry in Hollywood for being extraordinarily reliable and professional.

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