The Journey Of Success Seminar

12687866_995478623852654_1614850578246236762_nWealth, Health, and Love-the Three Pillars of a Successful Life. Attendees of the free seminar, “Journey of Success” were schooled on the importance and benefits of a balanced and purposeful life on a Saturday morning last week (Feb. 27th, 2016) in the Martin Luther King Junior Auditorium at the Santa Monica Public Library.

IMG_2887Spearheading the event was Ali Asadi, author and successful business coach, who opened the seminar with a reflection on the importance of all three pillars: “All three go hand in hand with each other.  If you are not healthy it may affect your business decisions and relationships; if you are not doing well at your business it may ruin your health and personal relationships and if you are in a problematic relationship it may [drain] both your wealth and health.”


Love was aptly placed first in the lineup as Dr. Wendy Walsh, relationship expert and TV personality (“The O’Reilly Factor”, Dr.Phil-spinoff “The Doctors”, CNN News) took the podium with some toe-curling tidbits about romance. “Women are wired to fall in love through sex.  Men could have sex with the same woman for six months and still feel the same about her as the first day.” A question fired back from the audience-then what makes men fall in love? Dr. Walsh’s straightforward answer: “Trust”.  Her advice to financially and sexually liberated women who are navigating the new dating scene where there is less social need for men to commit: be trustworthy. IMG_2896

“Men’s and women’s brains are wired differently,” Dr. Walsh explained.  Other factors, such as bio-chemistry and social factors, also weigh in.  After citing studies that show that attraction and even long-term compatibility can be determined by lab tests taken from a quick cheek swab, she emphasized that good relationships are built with skills that can be developed through a mutual desire to build “communal strength” and an understanding of what makes your partner “tick”.

Ali Asadi brought the focus to business, highlighting success stories such as Oprah Winfrey who took obstacles in stride rather than being derailed by challenges and kept their eyes on their goal. “Successful people have never victimized themselves,” Asadi pointed out.  Then he provided snapshots of his coaching techniques through simple questions to the audience such as, “What are the obstacles to achieving your goals in 2016?” and practical illustrations of marketing by calling on volunteers to introduce their business. “Now introduce yourself in a way that entices people to ask questions-what can you do for them?”  Timid introductions were replaced by more concise, detailed and exciting descriptions that met with audience applause. “Now isn’t that a lot better?” smiled Asadi, rewarding the participants with a free copy of his book, The Golden Rules of Practical Marketing.

IMG_3018“Get up out of your seats-and dance!” Music pumped out of the loudspeakers as Dr. Del Millers exploded onto the stage, a ball of energy with a purely experiential message of health and vitality. Giggles and tentative dancing broke out among the seminar participants, as “Dr. Del” demonstrated his ballroom skills on the stage. “You should do something every day that brings you joy,” he explained, sharing that ballroom dancing has long been his “happy place.”  He brought the point home by sharing the statistic that those who spend a long time sitting each day are prone to serious health risks, particularly women.  His message: Get up and move every chance you can!

Only eat foods that love you back,” Dr. Del urged, to a projection-screen backdrop of colorful fruits and veggies.  Briefly sharing from his book Energize Your Life-Purpose-Passion-Play, Dr. Del’s 1000-Watt smile personified his own message-a healthy body and spiritual and emotional connection infuses all of your endeavors with vitality and joy.IMG_3040

With experts in the fields of relationship, physical energy and business generously sharing their knowledge by providing a free seminar to the community, it was a natural progression to close with the final marker of success-Giving Back.

IMG_3062Some forms of achievement cannot be measured, and go beyond mere individual well-being, such as charities dedicated to improving the lives of children in need.  ISCC-International Society for Children with Cancer was represented at the seminar by Mrs. Tafozzoli Mohammadzadeh, who recounted how the fledgling charity proudly raised $540 in its first year. Founded and run out of a home office in 2004, she has seen ISCC grow into a huge network of volunteers and over a million-dollar budget, still with the same vision-to provide medical care and support to underprivileged children with cancer, particularly in developing countries.

Participants in the seminar “Journey of Success” were given a crash course on the building blocks of a successful life: strong relationships, a strong business plan, a strong body and mind, and giving back.  “To sum up,” says Ali Asadi, “Success is the ability to fully experience life.”

Information and donations for ISCC can be found through their website :


By Katherine King