Kimberly Kates IFSM Interview

Model/Actress Amy Winberg had the pleasure to interview Kimberly Kates for CPC News Today during the finale of International Fashion Super Model.

About Kimberly Kates:
“Kates grew up in Montana. Her biological father was killed by a drunk driver when she was a child. Kimberley was pre-med in College before winning a modeling contest which brought her back to Southern California. Kates has ten half and step brothers and sisters.
Kates has appeared in numerous films and television series, including one of the first Seinfeld episodes. Her first film was Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, in which she played Princess Elizabeth, her best known role, also starring Keanu Reeves and George Carlin. Kates studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse for ten years with Milton Katselas. She is currently involved in producing numerous new films, including Standing Down with Ron Perlman and Pras. In April 2009, she completed working on a documentary with William Shatner and Ben Folds, entitled William Shatner’s Gonzo Ballet with her partners at Big Screen Entertainment and Five Star Pictures, Michael Manasseri, Scott Woolley and David Zappone.
She has appeared in over 40 television shows and movies prior to becoming a full-time film producer. Kates is now a film producer and the Chairperson/CEO of Big Screen Entertainment Group. She stars in the Michael Manasseri directed natural horror film Sucker.” Wikipedia

About IFSM:

“IFSM Fashion Production which is a independent Entertainment Production Company. It specializes in film/television program development, Event Production, content management, and distribution. coordinator and organizer of IFSM Int’l Fashion SuperModel Competition and US Hollywood Int’l Film Festival on a yearly basic
It also engages in advertising production and placement, international cultural and arts exchange.

• IFSM Fashion productions with its strategic alliance and affiliate partners has produced many events and weekly television shows and series, as well as full-length documentaries for major television networks such as New Era TV, HiFex, skylink TV , Beijing TV Network, CCTV. ATV, WCETV, IFSM Fashion Production has also organized various cultural and social events and established a broad client base in advertising.

• IFSM is in pre-production of a film production slate will include numerous crossover vehicles for well-known Hong Kong/China actors to be combined with American actors and other U.S. based talents directors, etc. We believe that we can become a large-scale production company in time and that we are positioned to provide content in various formats for the entertainment industry.

• Developed several categories– from news magazines to entertainment shows, and from personalized documentary-style series to large-studio talk shows. production themes also covered diverse fields such as What’s Hot, International entertainment celebrities and events US Hollywood International (USHIFF) Film Festival, Miss Asia Competition, Int’l Fashion SuperModel, Jackie Chan’s Disciples and cultural exchanges and international educational

• Recently, IFSM Fashion Production will secured the commitment of the several talents from China to be represented by IFSM. Additionally is currently accessing several different International films for possible co-production.”