Nitzia Chama Most Inspiring Latinas 2016 Interview

CPC News Today covered the launching of Alegria Bilingual Magazine “Most Inspiring Latinos and Latinas of 2016” issue at the famous Le Petit Paris in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.
Our host Ariadna Lel had the opportunity to interview producer and TV Host Nitzia Chama, one of the awarded recipients in the magazine, and she had an amazing message for those who have dreams of being a Hollywood star.


“Nitzia Chama was born on August 30, 1988 in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. In this particular month of September, when her country and many Mexican residents around the world celebrate Independence from Spain (as a holiday), she was also elected Miss Fiestas Patrias 2011-2012 by the Mexican Civic Patriotic Committee of Los Angeles. She was the Queen of the Parade in East Los Angeles last September 10, 2011 in an event broadcasted by NBC, where celebrity personalities such as Anthony Quinn, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, among others, have participated as judges.

Her mother, Alba E. Villa, is from Sinaloa, and her father, Mario A. Chama Diaz, is from Veracruz. They are both extremely proud of the achievements of their daughter Nitzia. In this family of five are two other siblings, Ramses Chama, Nitza’s oldest brother, and her sister Mara, who is 16.
During her childhood, Nitzia spent time with, and was close to, her grandfather, the great poet, orator and teacher Leoncio Chama, which fueled her love of the arts as a child. It was for that reason that she became a student of oratory and poetry.

Growing up, Nitzia was also very close to her parents and grandparents. She was especially close to not only her grandfather, but her grandmother, Nelly Diaz, a noted ballet dancer, as well. It was her grandmother’s influence that led Nitzia to travel and have different international dance encounters and to study dance.
Starting in 2008, she worked for two years in radio and television as host of “Despierta Veracruz” (wake up Veracruz), and then on “Economic Veracruz” promoted by the Ministry of Economic Port Development.

In 2008, a new challenge would come into her life, the media magazine “Region”, sponsored by the Veracruz State Tourism, was created and driven by this young talented lady. Today, the magazine is still circulating among Veracruz’s media, where Nitzia Chama still serves as CEO.

During the election period of 2010, the Veracruz Electoral Institute selected her as the image and voice of the commercials presented by various radio and television broadcasting institutions where this beautiful girl from Veracruz, “hermosa veracruzana”, urged citizens to exercise their right to vote.

Nitzia also had the opportunity to make commercials for the Fight against HIV to participate as an accompanying image to Veracruz different public and political figures.
In the year 2010, Nitzia had the opportunity to graduate with two different careers; a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a degree in Early Childhood Education. Nitzia majored in both with extraordinary thesis topics and received high grades.

Nitzia Chama moved to Los Angeles, California and has lived there for just under a year where she is studying acting in “Stella Adler Hollywood” (Academy of Acting and Theater).

This September, a new responsibility has emerged in her career. Nitzia was chosen to further disseminate the culture, art, history and cuisine of Mexico by being crowned MISS FIESTAS PATRIAS 2011 (Miss México Independence Festivities).
Nitzia will be honored by El Noticoto Magazine all this month as its Beauty Representative. As Miss Fiestas Patrias 2011, she wants to thank everyone involved in the realization of the Independence Parade, an event that is held year after year in Los Angeles by The Mexican Civic and Patriotic Committee.

Thanks to the hard work of the people involved, young Mexican women have the opportunity to represent the beauty and culture of their beautiful country inside and outside the borders of Mexico.

As Miss Fiestas Patrias 2011, Nitzia will be the image and spokesperson for an institution – the legendary Mexican Civic Patriotic Committee, which day by day struggles to strengthen the traditions and customs that make its people identify themselves with their Mexican ancestors and culture.”