IMG_5308On May 4th, 2013–With over 15 year of management experience, Ali Asadi amazed the engaging crowd at a free seminar in the Santa Monica Public Library. His insightful knowledge on business and how to get more customers was well received and easily understood. Ali Asadi is a well-known and respected author and professional business consultant. As the owner of Asadi Business Consulting, a management consultancy firm, he specializes in helping small and medium-size businesses achieve success in today’s highly competitive business environment. He has more than fifteen years of business management experience and focuses on all aspects of business management consulting, and coaching. Ali is particularly knowledgeable and exceptionally skillful in analyzing your particular business needs and developing innovative techniques and proactive processes that can add value to your organization and increase profit potential. He is well versed in business and providing strategic plans to help businesses grow bigger and faster than ever before.

Throughout this seminar Ali focused on describing how to bringing more customers to any business using self awareness, SMART goals, and utilizing social media. He emphasized every business that wants to grow needs a good plan, good marketing tools, and good employees.

For any business to have a good plan they first need to know where they are at. Ali stressed that knowing your company’s current situation is crucial to being able to project your future goals. You must be able know your strengths and weaknesses as well as your customers and be able to accommodate them.  Once you know yourself and who you are trying to reach you can make a SMART goal. A SMART goal is a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely goal.IMG_5306

After your goals are in place you need a vehicle to implement them. This is where social media and marketing really pull their weight. Ali explained that Facebook and Twitter are not the only tools we have to promote our business online, one of the fastest growing social networks is Pinterest and we need to utilize this visual website to reach customers. The reason Pinterest is so powerful is because it uses a visually stimulating medium. This social networking site not only gives information but it is also engaging to potential customers through the use of pictures. Along with social networking Ali stressed the use of business cards, flyers, a strong website, search engine optimization, QR codes, and video marketing, but the most important aspect of business and how you will succeed will depend on the power of your word and your own personality.

This also comes through in how you treat your employees. Always be fair to your employees because they represent your company to the customers. To conclude his seminar Ali gave a few golden rules your business needs to live by. As a good business man you should always promise less and deliver more, give the customer something they don’t expect, never give up, always review your goals and performance, and be consistent, success is not instant but if you work at it you will achieve it.

IMG_5711This is only the tip of the information iceberg, if you would like to know more about Ali and how he can help you with your business please visit his website at aprofitmaker.com or attend one of his free seminars. You can also email him directly at info@aprofitmaker.com Success for your business is closer than you think you just need a push in the right direction.

Article by Photojournalists: Jeremy Lynn &  Carlos Zeron from CPC News Today and CNN Ireport

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