Sue Wong’s “Edwardian Romance” Collection


“Edwardian Romance”
Fall 2014 Collection by Sue Wong
Los Angeles, CA

The fashion runway, Fall, 2014 by fashion designer Sue Wong, took place at her atelier in Los Angeles, California, where a marvelous collection inspired by romance, empowerment, and freedom was displayed.

The collection, Edwardian Romance, paid attention to detail from head to toe.
Sue Wong’s collection featured elegant designs in luscious satins, flowing chiffons, beaded decorations, and fringings. The styles were inspired by the changing world of the early 1900’s, and the liberation of women from the constraining corsets and hoop skirts of the era.

Dropped waists, square and v-necks, and full skirts, graced the runway, as well as fitted dresses that hugged the model’s body from torso to knee level. Sue’s designs displayed a strong 1920’s influence. Flappers were exquisitely embroidered and beaded to perfection. The bottoms were artfully completed with pleaded fabrics or fringings, which added movement to the desigs–in ressemblance to the 1920’s jazz movement.


Textile colors ranged from earth hues such as beige, black, and chocolate, to vibrant colors like turquoise, reds, hot pinks, and peacock blues; as well as metallic tonalities like silver, gold, and copper.


Feathered hair clips; hats adorned with flowers and tulle fabrics; as well as handcrafted jewelry complimented Sue’s collection.


The bridal collection featured full length dresses constructed with ruffle layers from the hip down. The pearl and cream gowns were embellished with white and silver beading, and accessorized with feathered hats.


The exhibition ended with a standing ovation in celebration of Sue’s amazing creations.


CPC Photography/CPC Productions covered this event with assistant Ingrid Dietrich. (Article and pictures by Ingrid Dietrich) We would like to thank Sue Wong and her team for inviting CPC and allowing us to be part of this event. – Carlos Zeron (CEO)